Wholesale Matte 250 inkjet photo paper

Matte 250 inkjet photo paper is a high quality,high resolution,small resin coated paperboard. Specially designed for high quality proofing, heavy oil deposition, and general color printing. It provides a wide range of colors, saturation, and tonal ranges.

The thickness of inkjet photo paper is selected: ordinary copy paper can be distinguished by weight, the common ones are 70g, 80g, 90g, 100g. The heavier the better, of course, from a weight point of view. But the price has increased accordingly. Usually, 70g of office paper will satisfy most office printing needs.

It is not recommended to purchase photocopier paper with weight below 60 g. Because, the papers are thin, use on the printing output device is easy to produce drape, and paper between the friction coefficient is big, easy to cause more pages into the phenomenon of  inkjet photo paper and paperboard, seriously affecting the service life of equipment.

The thinner the weight of the inkjet photo paper, the higher the processing level, the higher the density, the moisture-proof, the stiffness, the smoothness, the better the photocopying effect. A pack of 70 grams of A4 copy paper (500 pieces) weighs 2.19 kg; The weight of a bag of 80 grams of A4 copy paper (500 pieces) is 2.5 kg. If the weight is insufficient, it is not a matter of the weight or number of the number.

Neutral 100% wood pulp inkjet photo paper, due to long wood pulp fiber, it has good bonding force between the fibers, so in the process of friction and equipment, fiber is not easy to fall off, which is not easy to produce dust, and the operator has good protective effect on the machine. Neutral paper has no corrosion, making the paper easy to fade and can be kept for a long time. It will not be static. It is also harmless to human health.

Wholesale inkjet photo paper is made of wood pulp and straw pulp, the grass pulp fiber is short and can produce dust easily. Acid paper has a corrosive effect, making paper easy to change color, not easy to keep for long term, it is easy to produce acidic gas at high temperature, harmful to human body. Consumers should pay attention to distinguish between these two kinds of paper when choosing.

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