Wholesale inkjet photo paper online

Wholesale inkjet photo paper Matt / Plus is clean, white, very glossy matt paper, providing you with the clearest images. At 240gsm, it’s heavier than most photo paper, giving a luxurious feel – you know, once you touch it, it’s a very good quality product. Digital photo paper Matt / Plus has a low color difference index, which means it can provide excellent results for monochrome images, even though it gives you a deep and strong color.

Double Matt inkjet photo paper with ultra white, matte surface smooth, image clarity and give you the ultimate. Heavy 250gsm weight is especially suitable for greeting cards and presentation of works, giving the impression of rich feeling and appearance.In the technical specifications, low color spectrum means that this white paper gives you very good monochrome images. This package contains 100 sheets of A4 paper PermaJet double-sided Matt 250gsm inkjet paper.

Wholesale inkjet photo paper Matt Proofing is a medium weight white matt paper designed for contact proofing. Don’t think this is a low quality product, but, nonetheless, it still offers the desired quality of your image. Digital photo paper Matt Proofing is an economical, comprehensive paper for everyday image printing.

If you treat photography seriously, the digital photo test package is an economical way. It contains 25 sheets of A4 paper, Gloss 271, Oyster 271, Ultra Pearl 295, Matt Plus 240 and Matt Proofing 160 in each one, and a full range of free A7 paper sample. Digital inkjet photo paper test packs are a great opportunity to play different paper types, and compare effects without commitment to buy a whole package.

Using digital transmission film 165, you can combine the most interesting parts of the traditional darkroom with digital technology to create perfect digital negatives / positive faces”. This is the ideal contact print to the traditional darkroom on paper, or you can use the card to support, to generate a Ilfochrome image. The ink receiving layer works equally well with dye and pigment inks and is rapidly drying. Digital transmission film 165 pack 10.

Transfer wholesale inkjet photo paper  is an ideal choice for any light colored fabric, whether it’s a T-shirt, a hat, a bag, or a home. It’s easy to use and gives you colorful images that are durable and washable. This package contains five sheets of A4 paper.

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