Wholesale inkjet photo paper from China

Metal canvas inkjet paper has 35% cotton and 65% polyester base, weight of 350gsm, thickness of 20mil. This makes it heavy and durable paper, which has a metallic surface finish. This finish delivers a metallic sheen to the image with a unique look.

Photo 280 paper is double sided lightweight 10 mil microporous paper. Because of its coating on both sides (providing seal effect), it will last longer than any other RC paper on the market. This article applies to portfolio or any high-end art or photography works.

  • Apply to dyes, ultra chrome and Durabrite inks.
  • Waterproof, instant drying, light fast.
  • This paper lasts longer than any other RC paper on the market due to its double-sided coating (sealing effect).
  • A perfect portfolio or any high-end art or photography.

Metallic luster is the achievement wholesale inkjet photo paper. The metallic glossy paper allows you to print vibrant and stunning prints that can only be achieved in darkroom. This 255 GSM, 10 mil inkjet paper has a high gloss metallic surface, producing a sharp, vibrant and exceptionally rich appearance. The metal paper offers the perfect way to make portraits, commercial display, print and competition print out.Metallic glossy paper instantly dry and scratch resistant surfaces makes it possible to use it daily in busy studios. Metal paper is compatible with EPSON, Canon, HP and other major brand printers.

The 190 GSM has a bright white base (94% brightness) and a waterproof coating. The glossy gloss of the paper is designed for graphic and photo printing and provides high levels of ink absorption. Because of the instant drying time of the paper, your print can be processed from the printer at any moment. TheĀ inkjet paper is compatible with dye and pigment based ink systems, compatible with EPSON, HP, Canon and other major printer brands.

10.4 mil thickness, 240 GSM, 95% brightness, single sided.RC gloss paper is a high quality, high resolution resin coated photographic grade paper designed for the highest quality color images.Specially designed for all types of inks (dyes, archives, ultra purity, Durabrite) and compatible with all brands of inkjet printers.Wholesale inkjet photo paper is highly waterproof and immediately dried.

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