Top quality matt/glossy photo paper

Suitable for solvent / UV/ Latex printing.Perfect ink absorption, excellent color expression, high resolution and fast dry.Waterproof, can be used for both outdoor and indoor advertising.Both glossy and matte surface are available.Easy cutting and application on a wide variety of substrates.Cheap price, exceptional photo quality in an economical photo paper.

The RC high glossy photo paper is high quality photopaper based with double sides resin coated.The front side Microporous coating gives its capability high excellence image definition and color saturation and short drying time.The photo paper shows excellent quality with great sharpness,rich color.The high resolutionup to 5760dpi can be reached when using the best printing settings.Glossy surface makes the paper with mirror effect which shows the exact details of graphics.We can provide all kinds of photo paper. Such as eco-solvent glossy photo paper, dye ink matt/glossy photo paper and waterproof(dye ink & pigment) photo paper.

This Photo Paper optimizes professional printing objectives with unrivaled quality output. This best-in-class ripple-free paper can support up to 300% ink loads, delivering vibrant color graphics and photorealistic images with uniform ink distribution. Increases productivity with instant dry time, outstanding lamination compatibility and versatility across different applications. It is the preferred alternative to competitive photo papers.Like all of OSIGN inkjet media, this Photo Paper is engineered to give you the highest resolution and color saturation possible.

Its microporous surface allows high ink loads and fast dry time, enables immediate handling and lamination. Superior ripple-free print quality delivers full color graphics and photorealistic images with uniform ink coverage.A unique photo paper that’s heavy, thick, ripple-free, durable and dries fast with an elegant smooth finish.A competitively priced photo paper offering high flexibility across a wide array of graphics-display applications, from proofing to photographic images.Superior quality including vibrant, full color graphics and outstanding photorealism, with a smooth, matte finish photo paper, for the most important applications at a competitive price.

Printing may be unsatisfactory due to incorrect ink or printing modes . Read the instruction manual of your printer , and adjust the equipment setting accordingly.After printing ,do not touch the printed surface or stack other sheets on it until the paper is completely dry.Do not attempt to rapidly dry the printed surface with a hair drier or similar equipment.Do not use markers or highlighter pens on the image portion . Such pens may leave prints discolored by water or moisture , and resulting blurring.


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