Power Paper Self-Adhesive Inkjet


Power paper,self-adhesive inkjet paper,with a self-adhesive backing top waterproof paper

Waterproof inkjet coatings – chemical resistance and tear resistance

Easy to print & label back & durable without tearing

10 mil single layer uncoated film

Power paper self-adhesive is a synthetic waterproof paper, which is combined with the back of adhesive to make labels, stickers, stickers, signs and similar applications.

Inkjet coatings are designed to absorb dye based inks and improve water resistance even on standard inkjet printers designed for this purpose.

Even for non waterproof inks (standard inkjet printers using dye based inks), waterproof results are also possible, but the results will vary. We have seen the impressive results of this self-adhesive inkjet paper, which adds a convenient label function to the tearing and waterproof effects of the original power paper.


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