Photo quality inkjet paper&Photo Quality Glossy Paper


Inkjet paper:This kind of paper is usually coated with a thin layer of paper on the basis of ordinary paper to make the paper more shiny and white. This paper generally has the following two kinds, respectively for ordinary ink-jet printing paper and photo quality inkjet paper (of inkjet printing paper according to the type of application for different types of paper, also can be divided into many types, such as cardboard base inkjet card paper, ink silk silk cloth to the base and so on).

Photo quality inkjet paper:This paper applies to 720dpi or even 1440dpi resolution. Mainly used to print some of the more accurate charts and text. The disadvantage of this kind of paper is that it is thinner, so that the printed picture will have a “pass through” phenomenon (ink through the paper), and can not be stored for a long time. Therefore, if you want to print photos, it is best to use the following photo printing paper.

Photo printing paper:This kind of paper is also coated with a special coating on the ordinary paper, so that the effect of the paper looks more bright, but also can quickly absorb the particles of very small ink and curing, so that the color of the photos remain bright. Paper texture is generally hard, can be extremely high print resolution to prevent the penetration of ink, to avoid the damage caused by paper printing failure. Similarly, this type of paper is also based on the paint layer and paper media are divided into different glossy photo paper, inkjet photo paper, light paper, etc..
Photo Quality Glossy Paper:It is the first choice of paper printing photos, its greatest feature is the surface of the photo printed with a layer of gloss, and traditional photo texture, and good waterproof effect, suitable for printing some high quality photo album covers and report cover etc. that is a perfect vehicle for printing photos.

Glossy paper:Compared with glossy photo paper, the degree of detail is better, and the surface has a very strong luster. However, it is not glossy inkjet photo paper so thick, so its price is relatively low, print some of the higher requirements of the image of art photos and some have a lot of text materials more cost-effective.

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