Introduction and application of inkjet photo paper

Photographic paper, also known as photographic paper, photographic paper and printing paper, is divided into three types according to the output image, respectively, the traditional sense of the silver processing paper, inkjet printing paper and printing paper. The present paper in the market has been widely used in wedding photography, children photography and other professional image output field; and advertising materials, menu, name card, resume and home office to use various types of public domain.

An inkjet printing paper is a receiving body for ejecting ink from an inkjet printer nozzle. Its basic characteristic is that the ink absorption speed is quick, the ink drop does not spread. Specific requirements: 1. Good record, strong ink absorption, ink absorption speed, the droplet diameter is small, nearly round shape; the recording speed, namely high density, continuous tone, clear picture; the preservation is good, the picture has certain water resistance, light resistance, preservation of certain and fastness in indoor or outdoor; the coating has a certain strength and fastness, coating is not easy to scratch, no static, have certain smoothness, bending resistance, folding stretch.

Inkjet photo paper based on its characteristics is divided into: 1. Cast coating category: using micron silicon dioxide technology, brightness and whiteness of paper can achieve the traditional level, but the paper base paper paper base;2. Expansion categories: Polyethylene (PVA) material forms the conformal coating coated on the base paper Peng Yun; 3.Microporous Technology: RC coated paper by silica formation process, inorganic organic composite particles of ink after printing, was immediately called the similar absorption honeycomb microporous paper. Paper based on the same as with the traditional paper-based paper, in both sides of the paper coated with waterproof PE coating called RC waterproof paper.

RC paper, support for RC paper based, multi functional coating, including ink layer, ink layer and protective layer, etc.. To avoid ink feathering, color on color, image quality is better.

In Japan and Europe and the United States, Peng Runxing and cast coated type technology has been eliminated, high gloss on the market, almost all is porous, in addition to the printer manufacturers HP, EPSON, CANON, and Ke do card, Prince, MITSUBISHI and many OEM manufacturers. High speed and high precision photo printer + high color reducing pigment ink + high light waterproof gap type paper, to achieve a perfect matching effect, to the traditional silver halide photographic paper launched a strong challenge.

Domestic printing supplies production enterprises, due to the lack of advanced technology, the product quality has a large gap with foreign original, can occupy the low-end market, the domestic inkjet printing paper RC photographic paper mainly cast coated type and porous type. In the United States, manufacturers, such as Kodak, lucky Yimeijia has the production capacity of the manufacturers. Most of the market for the OEM brand, or foreign paper cutting, labeling, as well as foreign B grade, C grade paper cutting sub sales. The original supplies in the high-end market monopoly, greatly improving the printing costs of domestic consumers, but also limits the popularity of inkjet printing paper applications.

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