Inkjet Printer Photo Paper

It’s one of inkjet photo paper. They make printed matter look like real pictures. They are ideal for your own DIY photos or print scanning images, graphic art or Internet images. They apply to most printer brands. Suitable inks include waterproof and waterproof.

  • Any size is available. (A4, Letter, photo size)
  • The PP (polypropylene) synthetic paper is suitable for use in the medium used.
  • Different completion according to buyer’s choice

We are one of the leading suppliers of gloss and Matt inkjet paper, and the price is quite the same. The specifications are as follows: Matt inkjet paper size = A490g-50 / packaging (40 bag / box) 130g-50 / bag (40 bag / box / bag (40) 170g-30 bag / box) smooth paper size = A4150g -20 inkjet / bag (40 bag / box / bag (40) 210g-15 bag / box) we can according to your request (with a minimum number of different dimensions and brand).

Photo paper helps make home printed photos look more realistic than standard paper. It will also give photos with better contrast and realistic details and will not find with versatile paper. Photo paper helps with deep black contours, smooth skin tones and rich colors.

Plain paper is much thinner than photographic paper. When buying photo paper, it looks and feels like a direct print from a photo lab. The coating on the photo paper helps to fix the printer ink in place. Plain paper has a more rough surface. Photo paper keeps inkjet printing without bleeding or shading, and is also coated with light-sensitive chemicals that will help make the photos look real and realistic.

Glossy inkjet photo paper is suitable for inkjet paper printers in order to create high quality colorful patterns. These results look good, whether or not consumers print photos, put in photo frames, photo work or photo scrapbook. Whatever the photo is, the photo paper is looking like an amateur and professional photo.

Using inkjet paper printers and photo paper, forget to wait in line or pay a heavy price. Instead, at home, fast, easy, affordable, print, excellent photos.

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