Inkjet photo paper manufacturers with high quality


The latest development of glossy inkjet photo paper can be applied to that printer, resin coated paper we have output brilliant and colorful, high resolution and strong waterproof properties, very suitable for your use of personalized digital printing.(customer’s products are popular. Develop various sizes, quantities and packaging designs to meet customer’s unique needs under the OEM contract.)

The surface of the double glossy inkjet photo paper manufacturers. Both sides have lustre. It can be used for artistic reproduction, photo production, art posters, collages, landscapes, business cards, greeting cards, invitations, diplomas, certificates, etc.. The material can be kept white and will not change color for long periods of time.

Resin coated  inkjet photo paper is made from high quality PE coated base paper. The main advantage of this base paper is that it enhances the stability of the final product.The microporous layer is an excellent coating for inkjet photographic paper. The coating has a microporous or nanopore based on silica or alumina (smaller than a pore). It should be noted that this coating can be adapted to all types of inks due to its pores, including dyes and pigments.

Photo paper features

  1. Photo quality inkjet paper made of professional photographic material. The whiteness of printed surface is better than 99%.
  2. Color printing special coating, color inkjet printer’s copy quality is the highest.
  3. Special ink absorption technology, no show through
  4. Colour inkjet printers have the highest quality of copying.
  5. Supports up to 4800 \ 5760dpi resolution printers, perfect copy of small characters.
  6. Ink fixing layer with organic-inorganic hybrid particles.
  7. Strong waterproof
  8. For each inkjet printer

Today’s digital technology can produce excellent results. As an industry leader, we have a unique understanding of the knowledge required by print suppliers to produce quality products. We have expanded our commercial product line, including PrintWorks digital color inkjet photo paper manufacturers. It is a super smooth, bright white paper with high ink density and wide color gamut, used for printing professional documents.

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