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RC photo paper (suitable ink: both dye and pigment ink)

RC inkjet photo paper: RC is the abbreviation of Resin Coated, meaning double-sided resin coated film paper. The glossiness of the RC paper is the resin itself, it has a porous micropore structure to make instant drying. Based on this special processing technology, making the RC inkjet photo paper has some physical characteristics difference with some other paper media. It can be more adaptable to the characteristics of inkjet printing, to make the best performance of the printer. RC inkjet photo paper with high-quality pigment ink to save life can be achieved for decades, if laminated it can reach the preservation of the effects of a century. So now the wedding photo studio has been mainly used RC inkjet photo paper.

High Glossy Inkjet Photo Paper is suitable for all dye inkjet printer printing.Bright snow white, smooth feed in alll printer, water resistant and instant dry.Widely used for posters, portraits, photo print, photo albums, manu cards, greeting cards and post cards, ect. Free sample for printing test is available.Custom other Inkjet Photo papers  ,welcome to contact us!We will offer factory price for you.11 years manufacturing and exporting business experience of photo paper.Stable quality and Competitive prices.

Resin coated bright white and glossy finish, perfect for everyday inkjet photo papers.True photographic images with vivid, high-quality color.Waterproof and instant dry.Support high resolution up to 5760 dpi.Universal paper for all kinds of inkjet printers.Usage: For home & office photographic image prints, graphic-display prints, advertising output, business presentations,reports, flyers, designing, greeting cards etc.Samples: A4 size for sheet samples and 24” *3m for roll size samples are provided free of charge with freight collect.

Please put the inkjet photo paper into the printer correctly , the bright face is for the image printing surface.This photo paper is only applies to inkjet printers, cannot used in laser printer and copier.It should avoid point-blank of the strong sunshine, prevent the harmful gas and the erosion of radioactive material.The inkjet photo paper should stored in low temperature, dry environment with original packaging (drum paper should lie in the flat storage),The best position should be stored above from the ground 15cm.

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