High quality inkjet photo paper printers Epson, HP, Canon,

Product Feature:Using high performance materials and special print coating to ensure products high-quality inkjet photo paper printing effect, meanwhile have large ink absorption capacity and fast drying characteristics to make the print screen colorful, accurate color reproduction, wide color gamut; clear images, high sharpness lines, suitable for production with landscape, portrait, text high-quality card; In addition, printing ink droplet in once contact with the coating, it will be trapped together firmly by the coating ingredients , so the image has excellent stability, long life Super White Super White Inkjet Identity Pvc Card Printing Business Id Card Plastic PVC Sheet.

Taking high quality PVC material as basic material; convenient for application, clear image and color saturation, high drying speed; widely used in the manfuacturing of various employee’s card, employee card, student card. And it is appropriate for Epson, Hp, Canon brand printing machine.

High quality ink receiver layer.Good ink control and absorption, no cockle.Suitable only for user with inkjet printer.Also we produce Inkjet photo paper and film.1, 440 – 5, 760dpi.Ink is accepted in the precise area required and no further.Good line-sharpness and image quality.Instant dry.Suitable for use with dye and pigment inks.Suitable for thermal and piezo technology.Compatible with most inkjet/Laser printers.Usage: can transfer on polyester tshirt , hat, bag, mouse pad, sport suit, sweater etc.

Cast coated double side glossy inkjet photo paper with a bright white and glossy surface.Has good compatibility with pigment inks or dye inks.Waterproof and Superb photographic image quality output with a instant dry.Support high resolution up to 5760 dpi.High whiteness, high glossy,offer you the highest color gamut.Applicable to all kinds of inkjet photo paper printers.

Resin-coated satin inkjet photo paper.Instant dry waterproof, absolutely flat and smooth.High brightness, clearness, resolution and color reproduction.Wide color gamut, long durability, high density, extremely sharp contrast.Applicable Printers Epson, HP, Canon, Lexmark, Lenovo, BenQ, Brother,Samsung brand printers, etc.Use:Suitable for fancy pictures, professional design docx, poster, covers albums, brochure design and commercial advertising production etc.


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