High-quality glossy/matte/satin inkjet photo paper

Gloss 260gsm is a high-quality inkjet photo paper which can provide accurate reproducibility, extend service life and strong surface, and can be used for printing excellent durable photos. With its luster,wholesale inkjet photo paper is to use the latest general inkjet coating technology to create, this ink jet technology to ensure that the print can not only directly from the printer dry processing, and compatible with all popular printer manufacturers. * smooth and smooth surface * universal printer compatibility * instant dry RC coated paper * extensive color range, stunning color reproduction * perfect high-quality photo printing.

When most people think of inkjet photo paper, they may think of glossy pictures. Glossy inkjet photo paper is a thick paper with a glossy coating that makes it a comprehensive choice for daily photo printing. Like store development photos, they can stand up and deal with them because they are printed and painted on heavy paper. Although glossy inkjet photo paper is a popular choice for photo paper, matte inkjet photo paper or satin inkjet photo paper can also be used for different projects.

For example, if you need to see a photo from a distance, it might be a better choice to print on a inkjet photo paper, because a photo of the light may produce a glare from the light source. Satin paper is an ideal choice for business documents such as brochures or memos, because it has a soft, glossy surface and is resistant to fingerprints. Each type of inkjet photo paper has a different function, so you must find the 32lb inkjet paper that works for you.

Inkjet photo paper is an impressive material that can be used for various printing purposes. You’ll be amazed at the great photos you can print from home! Learn more about photographic paper and find the best one for your project!

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