High Glossy Inkjet Photo Paper (Cast Coated) 115gsm ~ 260gsm

High quality, real photographic, resin coated base paper can provide images with professional appearance and complete image of the actual appearance. The production of the latest microporous coating technology. Ultra smooth, bright white finish. Excellent ink absorption, instant dry, waterproof good. Excellent color stability, so that feel stable, life of about 50 years. Provide excellent imaging quality, excellent point control, wide color gamut, high image clarity. Highly versatile, widely compatible, and compatible with colorants and dye inkjet printers.

High glossy, bright white, resin coated photographic paper.Print high quality photos of glass frames and photo albums.Applying waterproof quick dry noodles.The feeling of traditional photos.Also available in professional wide reel sizes.Permanent print – save your precious memories and learn more.Offer a variety of sizes – find the perfect paper for your project and learn more.Satisfaction guaranteed by EPSON, support, learn more.High quality inkjet photo paper with a high gloss, very suitable for printing your favorite precious. photos and magnifying glass, used in glass frames and photo albums. This paper has a smooth, bright white resin coating for coating and waterproofing properties of raw materials.

1 High-light glossy surface finish.
Have a high glossy finish that is perfect for reprintings and enlargements.
2 Cockle free and curl control.
Keep the paper cockle-free and no paper curl.
3 Ideal for heavy ink laydowns. Maximum ink coverage.
Bleed control (prevents banding ).
4 Available for vivid color reproduction and extremely wide color gamut.
Producing vivid life-like images, brilliant images with exceptional detail and clarity , with maximum color saturation.
5 High 4880dpi professional and exceptional output even by middle level Inkjet.
6 Water resistant protection from light and moisture good bleeding does not occur with incidental water contact.
7 Compatibility :compatible with many kinds of Inkjet printers , both for single-sided and double-sided.
8 Large application :large application for many kinds of photographs output ,such as commercial brochure, posters, wedding and portrait.
High Glossy Photo Paper (painting) 115 ~ 260gsm of our high glossy inkjet photographic paper and inkjet paper and glossy photo paper series: 1. 260gsm high gloss inkjet photo paper 2. 240gsm high gloss inkjet photo paper 3. 210gsm high gloss inkjet photo paper 4. Application of 180gsm high gloss inkjet photo paper 5. 150gsm high gloss inkjet photo paper 6. 130gsm high gloss inkjet photo paper 7. 115gsm high gloss inkjet photo paper 7. double-sided high gloss inkjet photo paper ink support dye ink pigment inkjet printer EPSON Canon HP Lexmark other regional sales of our products covering more than 60 countries and regions the United States, such as Russia, Germany, Czech, India, Malaysia, Australia, Brazil, Argentina etc.. The feedback is good and the quality can reach the European level. 7. accept your OEM order and accept your OEM product demand in view of our own factory advantages. We have extensive OEM order experience.

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