Excellent photo quality inkjet glossy photo paper

RC microporous inkjet photo paper: our company has a first-class quality control system. Leading technology and excellent quality are our advantages. All our products have been tested for a long time before entering the market.

Our products use RC inkjet paper as base paper, with high brightness and smoothness;Special nano microporous casting layer as ink receiving layer, instant absorption ink quick drying.Advanced ink forming and fixing technology enables long life of images.High density, wide color range, high clarity and high accuracy.100% waterproof, without shrinkage and packing.Support high DPI printer, 480 / 2760dpi.Compatible with inkjet printers paper.

1. Compatibility: ECO-Sol pigment ink and solvent pigment ink
2. Product Description: glossy photographic paper is a double layer PE coated paper for interior use. It is a high gloss, good color reproduction and high resolution, it’s a reflection of “the idea of using high resolution imaging photo realistic indoor solvent inkjet printer. It is compatible with most solvent inkjet printers.
3. Scope of application: This product is recommended for interior signage display applications.
Compatible with dyes or colouring solvent inks.
Excellent image quality has wider color gamut and high ink limit in color wide inkjet printing.
Excellent printability and handling of selected printers.
Good scratch resistance and water resistance.

Senior inkjet glossy photo paper line including 270gsm, 265gsm, 255gsm, 235gsm, 210gsm and 190gsm; photo quality inkjet glossy photo paper line including 255gsm, 270gsm; at A4 “,” A6 “,” 3R “,” 4R “and” 5R “the legal size, with 24” x 30 “,” 36 “x 30” and “42 x 30″”
1) resin coating and microporous coating.
2) waterproof.
3) instant drying.
4) exquisite photography, image quality and consistency.
5) the heavyweight look and feel of real photos.
6) good compatibility with all high quality pigments and dyes based on inkjet printers paper.
7) accepting OEM orders.
Packing: 20 sheets / bags, 50 sheets / bags, 500 sheets / bags, OEM packing.

High quality, real photographic, resin coated base paper can provide images with professional appearance and complete image of the actual appearance. The production of the latest microporous coating technology. Ultra smooth, bright white finish. Excellent ink absorption, instant dry, waterproof good. Excellent color stability, so that feel stable, life of about 50 years. Provides exceptional imaging quality, excellent DOT control, wide color gamut and excellent image clarity. Highly versatile, widely compatible, and compatible with colorants and dye inkjet printers paper.

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