Epson high gloss inkjet paper with high quality

Photo inkjet paper is ideal for printing photos of quality on your inkjet printer. The magnification of your favorite image will be like a traditional photo. Microporous design produces unprecedented image persistence and is rapidly drying. Glossy inkjet paper is a kind of ultra-high gloss paper. For home prints comparable to the photo lab, please select our photo inkjet paper. Special for EPSON, Canon, HP and other inkjet printers.

  • Professional gloss surfaces.
  • 10.4 million advanced paper bases.
  • Dry immediately.
  • Highly waterproof.
  • Excellent color reproduction.
  • Designed for EPSON, Canon, HP and other inkjet printers.

Epson high gloss inkjet paper can provide the highest gloss of any Epson resin coated paper. The vivid and vivid images that are comparable to the traditional silver halide prints, the ultra-high gloss surface, plus the thickness of 10 mm and the wide range of color, make this paper a favorite of the photographer. Its instantaneous dryness and wrinkle-free features make it possible to use, process and display completed output. It creates highly saturated prints by providing the largest ink coverage and high d-max for real photographic reproduction. The paper can also be easily pressed to prevent light and moisture.

Premier Premium glossy inkjet paper – 10.4mil – 260gsm – 96% opacity – 98 brightness – resin coated paper base coated with inkjet microporous technology. This waterproof medium has a glossy surface specially prepared for the use of common ink. It is recommended to use pigment ink to achieve uv stability and water repellency. Dye based ink can be used to obtain a high color field, but exposure to water or moisture may cause ink instability. This product is designed for a variety of applications, including display, portrait, wedding, poster, portfolio, sample and art reproduction. Designed for indoor use.

This ultra-bright white inkjet paper provides an ideal basis for photos, such as detailed fashion, architecture and scenery. This paper is very suitable for demanding details of graphic products. Therefore, this is an ideal choice for the product display and complex layout. A pleasant feature of this article is that the ink dries immediately. For all popular printers such as Epson, Canon and HP.

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