Cheap Inkjet Photo Paper with high quality

Inkjet Photo Paper base resin coating, the nanometer porous coating technology.Surface gloss, such as diamond, 99% super whiteness, 100% against the curling.High density, wide color gamut, high resolution (5760 dpi).Color clear, comparative and bright, color reproduction ability outstanding, rich tonal smoothly.Super waterproof, anti-uv function.

Unique quick dry ink technology, instant absorption paper surface ink.Advanced ink solidification layer can keep image.Dry enlarger (including NORITSU D701, NORITSU D703, Fuji DL600, Fuji DL400, Fuji DL430, Fuji DL450, epson D3000, etc.) the standard web.Relative to the piece of inkjet photo paper, and dry enlarger higher spent, can make the enlarger working efficiency is greatly improved.No image area limits the output, regardless of the scenery, a portrait of can perfect imaging.Enlarger standards set by the 12″ paper, precise control size.

Since the Base Cheap Inkjet Photo Paper with Resin Coated and coating material both provides resistant to water,It keeps high printing performance even was sunk intowater. This kind of paper provides resistant to water and sunshine,which can keep for ages.High quality images could be got from any kind of printers and ink with this kind of paper. Free ICC Profiles gives your photographs the professional results your demand.It’s the premium item in inkjet photo paper.For photo paper, home or office use, consumer and professional output, advertisement.

Microporous paper, its paper-based the same as traditional photo paper, both sides of the base paper coated PE,that is waterproof coating RESIN COATED, its coating is nanoscale silicon dioxide material (particle diameter of 150 nm or less), produce very subtle Inorganic-organic hybridfine particle, after the ink spray up, soon to be absorbed by Micro-porous that similar to the honeycomb,so its name form. Because both sides of the paper coated with waterproof PE coating,so this photo paper with good water resistance.

In order to meet the market demand, we are innovating time after time, developing new products: fast dry digital sublimation paper. We provide many specifications, Flat paper: A3 and A4; Roll paper such as 17, 24, 36, 44, 60, 64 inches (width), length is fixed. Other specifications can be customized. Our products have clear printing effect and don’t rub off. The image on our paper can be transferred vividly on textile, ceramic, mug, wood, glass, mental, etc with heat transfer equipments. They are widely used in many different fields and our customers are located in many countries.


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