Cheap inkjet photo paper from China manufacturer

  • For best results, always use inkjet paper produced by printer manufacturers.
  • If you use third party inkjet paper (made by the manufacturer, except the printer inkjet manufacturer’s paper), you should invest in the analysis software to ensure that you get good results.
  • Your monitor should be regularly calibrated to ensure that the colors you see on the screen, the hue and contrast levels are accurate. Printing that displays contrast of color and difference can usually be traced back to an uncalibrated computer screen.
  • In addition to outside paper gloss, semi gloss and Matt, there are many surface and texture, including the Museum of fine art and the surface of the fiber, can imitate the traditional darkroom paper silver look and feel.
  • Most inkjet paper surfaces can be used for various paper and reel sizes. Before you buy a new size or format, make sure that the size of the paper or reel you buy will be used in conjunction with a particular printer.
  • For long-lasting prints, the pigment based ink and the surface of the acid free inkjet photo paper can be pasted.
  • If stored and displayed in low light, low humidity and low temperature environments, images printed on acid free paper and pigment based ink sets can last for more than 200 years.
  • For monochrome printing, you should use a printer with multiple black shadows. The single black ink set does not produce enough tonal range to reproduce shadows and highlight details, and usually displays almost impossible magenta or cyan tones.

When comparing the surface of the art paper, compared with the standard cheap inkjet paper, you will notice that the brightness level from one surface and brand to another is very high, and the printed paper is generally brighter. This is because the art paper contains less brighteners, which increase the quality of the paper, in addition to increasing the white level of the paper. It is for this reason, the traditional printing artists tend to love more warm natural colored paper.


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