Cheap A4 inkjet photo paper

A wide range of photo inkjet paper is carefully selected to provide unmatched quality and cost-effective combination. 3 photo inkjet paper represents a good bargain, including a free 500×400 MOUNTBOARD package. In addition to the photographic paper listed below, we also provide a variety of art inkjet film paper.

Pinnacle photo inkjet paper offers a wide range of different papers than many other leading brands. With popular finishes, such as gloss, satin and Matt, there are double-sided inkjet photo paper options, fine arts Baryta, fiber MATTE and advanced silk Baryta, stunning monochrome printing. The size range is also unmatched, because it includes 6×4, 7×5, 8×6, and 10×8, and up to A2, including panoramic dimensions.

This is a box of 250 pages of A4 inkjet paper. The daily use of 100 grams / square metres of A4 is suitable for inkjet printer, and it can make the text clear, bright color. HP paper gives professional results every time. With this inkjet printing paper, you can print on both sides, the color will not be revealed. It also has a special surface enhancement function, can be fixed to the color ink paper, so as to obtain smooth and smooth excellent color imaging effect. This cheap inkjet paper is ideal for students, photographers, designers, artists, and everyday home and office applications.

Inkjet photo paper is specially coated to absorb ink to obtain the best readability. The laser printer paper is heated to withstand the temperature that the laser printer uses to fuse the ink to the page. If used on a laser printer, the coating usually found on inkjet photo paper will actually prevent ink from being correctly fused to the page. In addition, if the coating on the cheap inkjet paper is melted by the heat of the laser printer, it may also damage the laser printer assembly.


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