Best inkjet photo paper by Epson

EPSON’s advanced photo paper gloss is one of the industry’s most trusted glossy inkjet paper because of its accurate color balance and proven test. Its high gloss adds depth and detail to your photos, making it a solid choice for portfolio and photo frames. Because it has a wide range of sizes available.

Premium Glossy Inkjet Photo paper has a high gloss and is ideal for printing your favorite photos and magnifying them for use in glass frames and photo albums. This paper has a smooth, bright white resin coating material, with waterproof and waterproof properties.

  • High gloss, bright white, resin coated paper
  • Print glass frame and photo album photo quality
  • Daub waterproof quick dry noodles
  • Traditional photo feeling

EPSON’s ultra advanced photographic paper, Lustre, is a high color gamut inkjet paper that supports vivid color rendition and deep and rich black color, comparable to traditional silver halide prints. A popular photo paper with wedding and portrait photographers, super advanced gloss has a unique satin finish with exquisite gloss textures, making it a perfect choice for color and black and white inkjet printing. Super advanced gloss is an archival photographic paper with a 10 mil RC base that provides the weight and feel of traditional darkroom photographs. It is compatible with Epson, Ultrachrome and Claria Ink, as well as EPSON’s other pigments and dyes, photo printers compatible.

Somerset velvet has been the first inkjet paper between serious artist and printmaker selection. Since seventeenth Century and handmade paper day, Somerset enjoys a high reputation in quality, over the years has continued to grow. EPSON produces this old world paper with an inkjet coating to meet the quality requirements of the most demanding printing presses. EPSON’s Somerset velvet is 100% pure cotton acid free paper, available in EPSON, UltraChrome, Ink printing, lasting printing.

EPSON ultra advanced inkjet photo paper gloss is an excellent gloss paper with a bright white sheen that will make your colors and black and white images pop, highlighting all the best details in the photos. Super glossy paper is a solid choice for the construction of the frame because it comes with EPSON’s five star file rating, one of the heaviest glossy paper produced by EPSON. It also has quick drying, coating and waterproof coating.

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