32 lb of high quality inkjet photo gloss paper


Inkjet photo paper usually has a multilayer coating, like a high resolution inkjet paper coating, but usually dry faster and protect your image to a much better element. There are all kinds of photo paper, whose image life and waterproof are different, and as people expect, their prices vary with their characteristics. They are usually thicker than high end inkjet paper (28lb-76lb), but thinner than card paper and have a variety of surface treatment. The suboptical paper has a subtle luster and can show bright colors, but it does not have the gloss of the glossy inkjet paper. Satin paper has more gloss than grit paper, but it is not smooth enough.

32 lb of inkjet photo gloss paper – 8.5 x 14 inches legal size 50 8504JG dimensions: 8 1/2 “x 14” legal dimension table. Our weight is 32 pounds light. High gloss lustre is a smooth coated inkjet glossy paper. The paper is inkjet lustrous paper, which feels like a high quality inkjet paper, not a photo. One side is the quality of the photo.The other side is the abrasive paper that can be printed on the back.

This 32lb inkjet ppaer is very popular. It is a light, bright white sheet with a mirror, smooth and reflective surface. This article is fast drying and provides the details of high – quality and high resolution printers. Great photo printing, proofing, graphic design, flyers, and many other office and business applications that require high quality images. It is suitable for all HP, Kodak and Lexmark inkjet printers, as well as EPSON. The high resolution of the inkjet printer is optimized, but it can also be used with the laser.

In general, inkjet paper is not suitable for laser, and in some cases it may damage the laser printer. The best inkjet paper is not designed to be high in heat, and the coating used on this paper may pollute the laser printer. Because the ink jet printer has a simpler path, the paper is usually much heavier than the laser printer and can’t be printed well.


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